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This is the world-famous original Magic Wand.It delivers incredible power and reliable satisfaction.The Magic WandOriginal has a 6-foot long cord that plugs into standard North Americanoutlets – delivering formidable,uninterrupted power. Petite, but Powerful, Perfect for travel use!

Customer Reviews

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This thing is really WOW!! Its design is not as pretty as other toys so I was hesitant to buy at first, but soon I realized that the design saved it from the awkwardness of a sex toy. Really registered as a medical device means it can be used to massage the neck and back muscles. In a word, real deep vibrations bring real happiness.
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This vibrator is indeed a bit too much for beginners but can't deny it is really a genius massager. The classics are always the most reliable, like this enduring massage wand. To be honest there is nothing to picky and if I must say,the too powerful motor also caused the wand to not be completely silent 

Magic Wand | Magic Wand Sex Toy | Great Price

Maybe you’ve heard of the magic wand before, Time Magazine included it on its list of The Most Influential Gadgets of All Time. As a matter of fact, hitachi magic wand classic shape remains virtually unchanged for over fifty years. Even in today’s age of sex toys coming out in an unending flow, we trust that the Magic Wand will always be your most reliable choice and trusted companion.

Rechargeable hitachi magic wand powerful motor and multiple vibration modes make it capable of meeting all your requirements.We currently sell various styles of newest magic wand. Among them, Magic Wand Original Massager and Magic Wand Rechargeable are the best-selling magic wands on We also stock a wide range of accessories to enhance your enjoyment and help you get the most out of your massager.

FAQs About Buy a Magic Wand

Magic Wand was born fifty years ago. The magic wand is one of the world’s most recognizable sex toys.

As a sex toy, magic wand toy can bring you the ultimate experience. It has a soft silicone head, while powerful motor give you full control of deep vibrations. The reliable quality of the original hitachi magic wand deserves all the trust. The original magic wand will definitely meet all your expectations and will be your and your lover’s best sexual companion.

In fact, magic wand sex toy vibrations can also be used on the back and neck. You can use it on all body parts you need to massage. The magic wand is so versatile that it can meet the needs of different groups of people. Besides being a perfect sex partner, vibrating magic wand ​can also soothe your body and your life.

Anyway, no matter which body part you need to massage, the Magic Wand can always meet you. It does both soothing muscles and pleasure shock perfectly.

In fact, magic wand massager has too many advantages and reasons to choose.

The excellent performance as a sex toy

As we have emphasized many times, first of all, the motor of the magic wand vibrator makes the perfect shock. There is always one of the adjustable modes that suits you. Its excellent vibration is so famous that it is no exaggeration to say that hitachi magic wand rechargable is indeed loved by millions of people around the world. 

The reliable brand of the sex toy

The original magic wand is so decades old that no other vibrator can replace it. Without any doubt, the time brings the trust of many users. The Magic Wand is definitely the best among vibrators. Among the countless sex toys, the magic wand as its namesake version, the Original, is the beginning of the vibrator and still a classic in today’s products.

Not limited to a sex toy 

As a powerful massager, electric magic wand ​has even been registered as a medical device. Not only does that mean you’ll avoid some embarrassment, but it’s also a reason why it’s worth buying. The best magic wand will bring you a new sexual experience. And hitachi magic wand can still pamper and soothe your body in other areas of life.

In conclusion, we believe that everyone should have a mgic wand sex toy of their own. More than just to relieve fatigue, it is definitely the perfect choice for your beginning or developing a new sexual journey.

As a website dedicated to providing the Magic Wand, focuses on this classic product and is determined to do the best in the sales of Magic Wand. No matter the product, shipping or payment, we will do our best to make you get the perfect Magic Wand and purchasing experience.

Using magic wand is very easy. Just trust your gut. This is definitely not the first time you have used the vibratex magic wand.

In fact, the magic wand rechargeable is not equipped with high-tech features, nor does it use confusing buttons or complicated operating systems. Magic wand has simple built-in settings that can be easily controlled with one hand.

In the meantime, you should follow these five simple steps for the best experience:

Step 1: Prepare

If you can’t use the magic wand vibrater to massage yourself in the right way, you will screw things up. So before massaging yourself with the hitachi magic wand rechargeable, there are a few things to prepare.

First, check battery life, because no one wants to stop halfway through an orgasm.

Second, cleaning the magic wand. Before using a sex toy, you must clean its surface to ensure that it is healthy and free from disease.

Step 2: Positioning

Your posture while masturbating is more important than you might think.

In fact, how you stand, crouch or lie down can affect the intensity of your orgasm. Generally speaking, the best position for solo masturbation is lying on your back, which allows you to stay relaxed.

In some cases, you can even find pieces specifically designed to use magic wand recharable vibes.

Step 3: Lubricate

Lubrication can help you enhance the feeling of using the magic wand.

Step 4: Test the hitachi rechargeable magic wand

After all the settings are done, it is important to familiarize yourself with the various capabilities of the magic wand hitachi. Different toy magic wands are different, even if they look the same. The test can be done on another part of your body or on your partner’s body to determine what feels good and what doesn’t.

Follow these steps to use the hitachi magic wand. You’ll be able to enjoy a stimulating intimate massage or work out the kinks of your shoulders. currently offers two styles of the Magic Wands. The form factors of these magic wand sex toys are almost identical, but it’s important to note that the biggest difference between the two products is whether they’re wired or not. Original magic wand is required to be connected to the power supply. As an upgrade, you can use the magic wand rechargeable hitachi for charging. There are differences in price, functionality, and usage. You can choose the one that best suits your purchase after carefully understanding their differences.

The Magic Wand Original
  • Six-foot cord plugs into the wall for continuous (not rechargeable) and two speeds
  • A/C Corded Power
  • Deep vibrations
  • Two power levels going up to 6,000
  • Powerful motor & intuitive control
The Magic Wand Rechargeable
  • Allow you to enjoy the convenience of wireless with four modes.
  • Four vibration patterns
  • Deep vibrations
  • Powerful motor & intuitive controls
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery

For magic wand other more detailed differences, you can also check and compare in our product interface by comparing product images and prices, so that you can choose the most suitable style.

The magic wand is sold by many retailers, both brick-and-mortar stores and online.

Brick-and-mortar stores for the Magic Wand

Brick-and-mortar stores are a more traditional way of buying. Sadly, they are only concentrated in North America (there is also one in Belgium). So if you don’t live in North America or don’t have a Magic Wand store near where you live, this way of buying may not be the easiest for you.

Online sale of the Magic Wand

This is a more convenient way to buy a sex toy. This way is not restricted to any location, so your purchases are easier and more private. You can choose some legitimate hitachi magic wand massager websites, such as: Magicwandsextoy,com. We only supply Magic Wand. For protecting your payment security, we promise to protect your payment security and personal privacy during the transaction process. If you want to know more, you can check our Privacy Policy and Payment Policy. [About us] also introduces more detailed reasons for you to choose us.

We guarantee that we will try our best to protect your consumer safety and personal privacy during the purchase process. Undoubtedly, we can assure you that paying on is completely safe. We are a trusted seller and support multiple payment methods. For each payment method, we have comprehensive security guarantees.

Authenticity guarantee on Magic Wand take product protection seriously. As a team with six years of selling sex toys, our professionalism is unquestionable. In conclusion, you can completely trust us when it comes to purchasing a magic wand. We understand sex toys and magic wands, as well as your hesitations and needs.

Payment security guarantee for the purchase of Magic Wand

We support multiple payment methods, such as Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and so on. For every payment method, we have a way to keep your payment safe. For more details, you can check the Payment Guide page. If you have more questions, you can also contact us. We are always here to ready to answer your questions.

Shipping guarantee for Magic Wand

Of course, we promise to provide free shipping. During the transportation process, we will also choose reliable transportation methods and partners so as to do our best to ensure the integrity of your products. If you have any questions when you receive the Magic Wand, you can always contact us. What’s more, you can check the details of the return policy in the help interface. In any case, we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

Privacy guarantee related to purchasing a magic wand

We understand all your requests to protect your privacy. In fact, you can view all the commitments and content of regarding privacy protection in the privacy policy interface. We will also fully protect your privacy regarding product purchases or shipping and receipt. Certainly, if you have any additional requirements, please feel free to contact us. We have the greatest patience to try our best to meet all your reasonable needs.

In any case, we sincerely thank all customers who are willing to trust us, and will always improve our ability to develop this trust.

Magic wand bdsm can provide orgasm when all else fails. The Rechargeable magic wand is powerful and does the job of massage.

The first magic wand that was marketed in the United States in the ’60s was the hitachi magic wand made in Japan. The magic wand is best sold as a muscle tension relaxer. Women all over the world realized that the greater magic wand was more than a neck sore massage ago. Therefore, magic wand for women has the following important functions.

Magic wand is very effective

Everyone knows that the cordless magic wand can help women who are unable to orgasm suddenly go from zero orgasms to multiple orgasms. The magic wand rechargeable isn’t necessarily the prettiest sex toy, but it does a job and it does it very well.

Hitachi magic wand wireless is a great sex toy for couples

Although the magic wand is usually larger than a normal bullet or rabbit vibrator, it is not used as an insertable toy. That means it’s a great toy for sex partners or gays to use together.

New magic wand toys with options

After 60 years, magic wand has come a long way and has been greatly improved technically. Magic wand massage vibration motor becomes smaller, but equally powerful. The new magic wand in the market is rechargeable and has power settings. So you can easily operate. In addition, magic wands also have waterproof options, which means you can use them anywhere.

Original magic wand: Its name says it all. The Original brand, which opened the magic wand of an entire category and a whole new world of joy. As a true personality magic wand masturbator, little has changed since its launch. The magic wand original hv-260 and its unique features are loved by millions.

Freedom, do whatever you want: With various vibrations and controllable speeds, the hitachi magic wand can satisfy any of your sexual thoughts. The best magic wand vibrator’s soft silicone head and neck are very flexible. You can enjoy the wireless convenience and plug-in pleasure at will.

If you want an official magic wand, definitely the original magic wand. It’s a great setup, and it’s controls are perfect for multiple orgasms.

There are also plenty of sex toys to choose from. However, few can come across the best magic wand vibrators. Yes, the original Magic Wand may be the best, but it’s not the only magic wand that evokes pleasure. Maybe, you are worrying about choosing the best magic wand. So. Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the right wand vibrator for you.


You want your magic wand plus to have enough power to last the entire session. There’s nothing worse than the fact that your toy goes out of power when you’re close to orgasm! So you need a wireless magic wand that lasts for an hour per charge. Also, maybe you are experienced, then you may need a vibrating magic wand vibrator that’s more powerful than others.

Dimensions and Weight

The size and weight of the recargable magic wand is determined by your own comfort level to hold and use. Of course, you also want it to fit your body and comfort. Some people may prefer mini magic wand. However, the full-size magic wand is larger and more comfortable.


High-tech or high-end sex toys can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have fun. To find one that fits your budget.

Note: Make sure to compare features to cost to see if you’re willing to spend that much money on magic wand personal massager, hv-260.


You need to check that your adult magic wand is made of human-safe materials. Medical grade silicone or at least a high quality silicone material is the best choice. In addition to this, you should also check if you have an allergic reaction to any of its materials.


If you like to use a magic wand in the bath or swimming style, then you should buy a waterproof one.

Note: Even if you have a 100% waterproof magic wand, we recommend that you do not submerge it in water for more than 30 minutes. That could cause it to break.

Magic Wand Wireless

Using the magic wand wireless is usually more comfortable when you have more freedom of movement. However, wired magic wands do not require charging and are cheaper.

There are a lot of magic wand vibrators on the market, and they can be intimidating and difficult to identify. With Magicwandsextoy’s advice, you may already know how to choose the magic wand that suits you best. Then,, as the official genuine magic wand dealer, must have a best one for you.

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